Serene Martin, Singapore

“My coach sessions with Faieka were amazing. Faieka has such a positive energy and soothing presence about her that lifted my spirits during every conversation we had. Her guided visualizations were extremely powerful in gently moving me towards the ‘feeling place’ of the new self I was desiring to step into. They were delivered in a manner that really¬†shone light on the power that was buried somewhere inside of me. I came to Faieka somewhat uncertain about my pricing model for my business and unsure if I was ready to fully embrace my new career. Faieka’s incredible transformation coaching sessions helped me resolutely carve out a vision for myself that resonated with my innermost being that I am ready indeed. I strongly recommend Faieka for anyone seeking a sense of clarity and empowerment that will stay with you long after your coach sessions conclude. Thank you so much for everything Faieka!”

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