Jim Fronapfel, Colorado, USA

“This letter is in reference to the time I spent being coached by Faieka Abrahams. We had an opportunity to go through the Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy and were able to exchange coaching. My life had been going in many directions and to say the least often over committed to many things and trying to overcome and heal from an injury at the same time. In our time together Faieka had great insight to my situation. She was able to help me in the discovery of things I need to face, strategies for obtaining these and great follow-up. I still use all the strategies and have made them part of my daily routines but consider them as a pleasure to do! I can honestly say that without Faieka’s insight and help I may not know, at a minimum, which step to take next or even if I could have. Faieka helped me focus, organise and move on in the right directions. I cannot thank her enough. She helped with the insights needed to grow in my career, work relationships through a very analytical and caring process. Faieka is a very Insightful, Caring and Talented Coach. The time spent with her has been great and more than that, worth it.”

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