Empowerment and Transformation Life Coach.



Let’s face it, there’s many Life Coaches in the world, but why would you want to work with me?:

  • Helping Others – I have this innate passion and desire to genuinely help others achieve those things in life that’s important to them – you need someone that’s in your corner at all times
  • Your Transformation – I help my clients discover their true self, by helping them discover their goals aligned to what they desire and help them develop, empower themselves and in turn evolve and transform their lives!
  • Self-Belief – I have high energy levels – I am spontaneous – I can help you raise your vibrations and help you find and release your “Jack-In-The-Box” – this will help you set free those limiting self-beliefs
  • Law of Attraction – I personally use the Law of Attraction and have carved a life I love; I know I can help you achieve the same! Bear in mind, my life has not been a bed of roses, but with the Law of Attraction I now have the life I desire and a life I love, so can you!
  • Straight Talk – I am your biggest advocate and cheerleader! But I also shoot straight and will keep you accountable – my only focus as your Life Coach, is helping you achieve the outcome you desire and sometimes that means I have to get tough!
  • Commitment – I do what I do because I love it and have passion for it! You need someone that will be just as committed as you to help you through!
  • Life Experiences – I’ve had some challenging life experiences knocking at my door, grief, health and well-being, relationship challenges, business challenges and financial challenges. I’ve lived through all these and have come out the other side with a healthy self-esteem, high confidence levels, debt free and with a couple thriving businesses and some amazing relationships in my life. The principals I’ve used in my own life, with my own challenges, are the same I use with my clients. Whatever your desire, I’m the coach ready to take you to your next level of transforming your life!


Right now, you may feel overwhelm, you may feel you’re at a crossroads and don’t know how to move forward, but you have landed on my page for a reason.

If you are serious about developing, empowering yourself, evolving and transforming your life,
then I am the right Life Coach for you!


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Faieka Abrahams’ qualifications, skills & experience

  • Certified Life Coach (Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – ISCA)
  • Human Resources (CertHR)
  • Mentoring Experience (15 Years in Corporate and 10 Years in Franchising)
  • Business Owner – 10 Years as successful business owner
  • Awards – Won numerous local and national awards


I know I can help you develop, empower, evolve and thus Transforming your life!



Receiving National Award
Faieka Abrahams was highly commended last year but won the title this year by demonstrating a sound business supported by good planning with very clear key business objectives. ‘Their strong focused approach to customers and marketing, along with good management of key processes, has resulted in continuous quality improvement and has delivered a comprehensive range of very good results.’ A tearful Faieka accepted the Award, thanking her two beautiful daughters for keeping her grounded.’

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