Breathe and Believe…

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As women we have busy lives, we’re moms, wives, partners, girlfriends, daughters, business owners, business professionals! I know we get overwhelmed at the best of times, goodness I’ve had my fair share of it! The truth of the matter is, we’re always so damn hard on ourselves! We’re always expecting ourselves to be perfect in so many ways for others! … Read More

My “Jack-In-The-Box”

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I realise I have an inner “Jack-In-The-Box” and all she wants to do is be spontaneous, jump out and dance! I know she sometimes overwhelms some people, but most of the time everybody loves her. They love her because it’s a reflection of them. Like-minded people are drawn to us for various reasons, because they’re like us, because they would … Read More

A daughter’s memoir of her Dad!

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Today would have marked my Dad’s 80th Birthday! The last birthday we celebrated together was his 70th! I remember it like it was yesterday and I so nearly did not make it, you see, just 14 months before his 70th, I immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa. Today, I am still grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to … Read More

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